Jeffrey H. Boutwell

Family Photo Albums  

Wreaths Across America, Sat., Dec. 14, 2019
Siyah, Sarah and Jeffrey at Arlington National Cemetery discovering a Boutwell Congressional Medal of Honor recipient
While participating in Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday, December 14, 2019, we discovered that a long distant family member, John W. Boutwell, received the Congressional Medal of Honor for rescuing a wounded comrade during the Battle of Petersburg, April 2, 1865 just prior to the fall of Richmond and the end of the Civil War. What a wonderful and humbling surprise.
The Grand and Glorious Fourth Celebration
of Boot's 70th Birthday, 9-13 August 2018
The Inn at Ferry Landing, Deer Isle, Maine
Mary Lou (center) 60th birthday celebration, with Rob, Charlie and Lara, and friends, St. John's, USVI, January 2013
Sarah and Siyah
Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Laura Edwards and Bob Giolito
Rutland, Vermont
Boot and Barbara
Winchester/Somerville, Mass.
Molly, Dan, Talia and Nick
Canterbury, New Hampshire

Hood and McFarland Cousins
Winchester, MA and Kansas City/St. Louis MO

Great Friends and Family
August 2, 2008, Saratoga Springs, NY: at the memorial service for Sara , from left to right: Karen and David Boutwell (Los Angeles), Sarah (Fredericksburg, VA), Laura Edwards (Rutland, VT), and Casey and Rachael Seiler (Albany, NY)
The LA Boutwells
David, Karen, Cole and Erin
The Albany Seilers
Rachael, Casey, and Ben
Mary Lou, Rob and Charlie Boutwell
Boston/ New York/Cambridge/Westport
Jess and John, and Fiona
Columbia, Maryland & Kabul, Afghanistan
The Shukris of Dallas 
Mazin, Terri, Daria and Payton
Anya, Brittany and Alannah in Jacksonville, NC