Jeffrey H. Boutwell, Ph.D.

Freelance Writer - Editor - Consulting

Shark Attack on the Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland - November 2010
Florida Keys 2011
Our fabulous wedding reception at Cafe de Paris in Columbia MD on 4 August 2013
Buthaina inducted into Union College Athletic Hall of Fame! November 2013
Arizona desert 2012
Hiking in Maryland 2012
Five years into 'retirement,' I'm spending much of my time working on US-Cuba issues with the Latin America Working Group in Washington, DC, visiting family and taking road trips in my 2005 Mini Cooper, and seeing and reading as much Shakespeare as possible.    

My working career consisted of 30+ years focusing on international security, nuclear weapons, and Middle East issues for the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Boston (1982-2000) and the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs (2000-2010) in Washington, DC.

Buthaina Shukri and I live in Columbia, Maryland where we enjoy hiking, USTA tennis, and occasional golf.  Buthaina works for George Washington University and has the most amazing circle of friends of anyone I know... now my friends (lucky me)!  We love food - who doesn't - and enjoy cooking, grilling and frequent meals and dinners with friends.

I'm not able to update the website as often as I'd like, but always enjoy doing so when there's time. 


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